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The Great Escape Takes Your Health & Safety Seriously

Learn more about the products and procedures we use to protect our staff and guests

We Proudly Use Klean Guard 48 to clean our restaurant and bar!

Every night we fog our entire establishment with KleanGuard 48 surface protection because it is the only product we have found that offers: 

  • 48 Hour Protection for our guests and team members
  • Antiviral and Antimicrobial properties built-in to protect the product
  • No harsh Bleach or Chemicals

We also use this product to wipe down all surfaces, menus, doors, glass, and much much more. This safe, effective, and long-lasting product is safe to ingest and unlike harsh chemical cleaners, Kleanguard48™ will not strip paint, coatings, finishes, or ink off of surfaces.

Klean Guard 48 Products

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