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Our Story…

Feeling Lucky? Join us in our newly designed Gaming Area!

We offer a variety of video slots and video poker games for your entertainment. Come check out our new machines. We have a total of 6 now… all sanitized with kleenguard.

The Great Escape in Schiller Park

Combining a terrific restaurant, 150 year old bar and lounge  with our timeless and tasty recipes, The Great Escape is truly the place to be for all occasions. Thank you for coming!


A Haunting and Rich History, Entertainment, Amazing Food & Drink. Whatever You Are Looking for We Have it Here. 

The Great Escape Hauntings

A man in a black suit carrying a clip board walks into a closet and disappears, that feeling that someone is standing right next to you, walking through a very cold spot in a dark hallway, the sounds of 1920′s music forming from the basement after hours, an antique radio plays without being touched and upon investigation it’s determined that there were no wires hooked up to it and the old tubes inside were burned out.

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