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Our Story…

Running on Green Energy

In an effort to be a leader in the use of clean energy, The Great Escape has constructed a 108kw wind turbine on our property. The turbine is sitting atop an 80 foot tower with 62 foot blades to catch the wind, with 30 feet of concrete for it’s base. The turbine produces over 100% of the electric power needed to operate the business. Any excess power the turbine produces goes out to the ComEd grid to supplement the power needs of the surrounding community with clean energy. During the night when the demand from the restaurant is low, it is estimated that the turbine will provide enough clean energy to power 20-30 homes, depending on the wind speed.



Building Energy Independence

This is a very costly project. It would be financially sensible for us to continue with the status quo, but we all need to do our part in the pursuit of energy independence and a cleaner environment. This will be our contribution. Through our efforts we hope to inspire others to follow with alternative energy efforts of their own. Be it wind, solar, thermal, flex fuel, or any other form of clean energy. The current business and environmental climates demand individuals as well as government take bold actions as we look forward to the future.

What Separates Us From The Herd

Going Green

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Tower = 80ft Blades = 32ft each = wing span 62ft Foundation = 8ft around and 30ft deep Cost = $375,000.00 Concrete = 9 Cement trucks Total height = 112ft


108kw turbine produces 120% of the electric needs of the restaurant.


Wiring between turbine & building all underground. Mortgaged building in order to finance the project ($375,000.00)



  • Good for environment
  • Helps get off foreign oil
  • Shows others it’s possible
  • In the long run, save money
  • Provides a Carbon Neutral energy foot print (example: wind driven air conditioning or wind cooled beer)

Important Dates

  • Started project in September of 2007
  • Found contractor in March 2008
  • Waited 7 months for FAA approval
  • Waited 5 months for Village Zoning, Village
  • Board and Public Hearing Approval Plans approved April 2009
  • Foundation poured in May 2009
  • Tower raising on July 28th and 29th 2009
  • Commissioning in October 2009
  • Come see the Green Dream! (We also have a 50kw back-up generator to keep us operating during power outages!)

Yearly Energy Comparisons

  • 274.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide saved
  • 50 vehicles from the road
  • 31,155 gallons of gasoline saved
  • 639 barrels of oil saved
  • 11,436 propane cylinders saved enough electricity for 36.3 average homes

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